Case No. 179

When: April 17th, 2005

Where: Bricktown, Downtown OKC

Reports: Strange Noises, Lights, Smells

Findings: Substantiated


Bricktown is an area of Oklahoma City that has more than 150 years of history. It’s a very interesting area, as there are many items of historical importance in the area. As with any historically active area, there are always be reports of paranormal activity. In this particular case, we investigated a bar in North East Bricktown that requested stay anonymous.


Reports of:

  1. Cold temperature swings in the basement
  2. Strange smells in the basement, like incense.
  3. Items moving without any cause.
  4. Items appearing in places they were not left.
  5. Lights going on and off.
  6. Singing in the basement and back stairs
  7. Feelings of people being grabbed, pushed or pulled by an invisible force


During the standard 24-hour investigation, we attempted to gather data in the following manner:

  1. Electronic means: Video camera, digital recording devices, audio recorders, thermometers, black lights, red light imaging and multi-spectrum photography
  2. Personal Experience:
    1. Experiences based on the perceptions of both the investigative staff and bar staff.
      1. During the investigation, we were able to determine:
        1. Multiple transient cold spots in the basement without apparent cause. We used an open flame candle to look for possible drafts but the flame burned steady and bright.
        2. Audible voices on EVP, saying “Who is?” and “Hold on, mama”.
        3. Multi-spectrum photography showed several unexplained humanoid shapes on the stairwell that have no obvious explanation.
        4. Personal experience with two staff members experiencing a rush of movement next to them and another being forcibly grabbed during a walk through.
      2. NOTES:


Case No. 167

When: December 05th, 2004

Where: Sara Road and 89th street, Mustang

Reports: Figure of woman in white, car issues

Findings: unsubstantiated


Sara Road is a long time urban myth for locals. According to local legend, a woman in white haunts the street, causing wrecks and car electrical system failures.


Reports of:

  1. A woman, wearing an old fashioned white dress appears on the side of the road.
  2. When the woman in white looks at your car, it causes electric failure in the car and the car dies, often causing a crash.


During the standard 24-hour investigation, we attempted to gather data in the following manner:

  1. Electronic means: Video camera, digital recording devices
  2. Personal Experience:
    1. Experiences based on the perceptions of both the investigative staff.
      1. During the investigation, we were unable to determine that a figure of a white woman appears on the side of the road, or that there is a higher rate of car electrical failure on this road. In fact, we saw absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. However, this myth is so common and believed in this area, that we did a little research and found that Sarah Road, did, in fact experience a higher number of deathly crashes and crashes in general during the late 1970’s-1980’s. The reason is unknown.
    2. NOTES:

I would like to note that for this particular investigation, we hired a professional driver to take us in a stretch Humvee, so that we would have room for all of our equipment and investigative team. The company we used was OKC Limo out of Oklahoma City, who was kind enough to put up with our shenanigans and got us home safe in the wee hours of the night.

Case No. 163

When: August 14th, 2004

Where: Cherokee County Courthouse, Tahlequah OK

Reports: Strange noises, doors opening and closing by themselves

Findings: substantiated


The Cherokee County Courthouse is one of Oklahoma’s most well-known haunted areas. It was a hospital for many years before the Sheriff’s office took it over.


Reports of:

  1. The sound of gurney’s clicking on tile, even though there is no tile in the building.
  2. The sound of people running down the hallways as if in a hurry.
  3. Whispers in the hallway and voices in the corridors on the second floor.
  4. During the standard 24-hour investigation, we attempted to gather data in the following manner:
  5. Electronic means:
    1. audio recordings
    2. Thermometers
    3. Motion sensors
  6. Personal Experience:
    1. Experiences based on the perceptions of both the investigative and Courthouse staff.During the investigation, we were able to determine that there was some unexplained noise coming from the first floor. When the main door opens and closes, it actually makes a big noise. We were able to hear that the door opened and closed but multiple cameras showed that the door did not open for the entire night. We caught audio of the noise to go along with the video of the door not opening.
    2. Several investigators experienced the sound of gurneys moving in the corridor and a phantom hand or force moving one investigator out of the way.
    3. NOTES:

Case No. 160

When: June 3rd, 2004

Where: Indian Hill Road & 4th Street, Norman OK

Reports: Strange sounds, lights after dark, frightening events

Findings: substantiated


In early spring 2004, one of our crewmembers was approached by a student photographer from UCO who had been shooting abandoned and decaying structures in the area. During the photoshoot, the student reported the radio station in his car changing to static and a voice hissing “get out” over the static at this location. When he later developed the film (35mm, B/W) he found an anomaly in one of the windows.


Reports of:

  1. Dark entity on location that tells people to “get out”.
  2. Electrostatic interference.
  3. Visual anomalies on film after processing
  4. During the standard 6-hour investigation, we attempted to gather data in the following manner:
  5. Electronic means:
    1. EVP/audio recordings
    2. Battery traps
    3. Motion sensors
    4. Thermometers
  6. Visual and Audible Means:
    1. Transistor Radio
  7. Personal Experience:
    1. Spiritual Observances by Lutheran Pastor Derrick Watkins. Because we were unable to locate the owner of the property, all investigations had to take place outside the physical location. (Due to the deplorable condition of the location probably was safer this way.) Since the initial reports only concerned the outside of the building, we felt like this was not going to be a determent to the evaluation. At the time of the radio turning static, it was observed that two separate voice did say “go” and “get out”. One, being female or higher pitched, occurred at 9:53 A.M. The second happened at 14:22, as we were getting ready to leave the site.
    2. All pictures we took that day came out without any abnormalities, but the original picture and the negatives have been verified as authentic with no tampering. The original photo shows a large, dense black shadow in the right front window in that is human shaped on the right upper hand side. The bottom of the shadow form is see through and light from the kitchen window can be seen behind it.
    3. During the investigation, it was noted that the radio became static white noise a total of 4 times. We were unable to record this as there was a coinciding battery drain of all batteries and we could not get the audio equipment to record.
    4. NOTES:

Case No. 123

When: April 23rd, 2003

Where: S.W. 41st and May, Oklahoma City

Reports: People being attacked inside the home, strange smells, oil dripping from ceiling and walls.

Findings: unsubstantiated


TGT was contacted regarding a possible demonic entity in Southwest Oklahoma City. The home was built in 1943. It consists of three bedrooms, a one car garage, a small lot for backyard and is located on an open street. Family consists of four children, a mother and grandmother.

Reports of:

  1. Sheets being ripped from the bed while people were sleeping.
  2. Doors being slammed repeatedly, even to the point of injuries re: a five-year-old boy reportedly having his fingers slammed in the door and fractured.
  3. Strange, sour smells coming from the back bedroom as well as the occasional smell of something burning. No source has been found.
  4. Scratches appearing on the mother and two children.
  5. Oil dripping from walls and ceiling in the back bedroom.
  6. Mother being physically slammed against walls in the hallway
  7.  When family is praying, events seem to get worse.
  8. During the standard 24 hour investigation, we attempted to gather data in the following manner:
  9. Electronic means:
    1. EVP/audio recordings
    2. Battery traps
    3. Motion sensors
    4. Thermometers
  10. Visual and Audible Means:
    1. Observation of the family and environment by TGT staff
  11. Personal Experience:
    1. Spiritual Observances by Catholic Priest Paul Sutherland, in accordance with accepted Catholic cannon involving demonic and negative entity habitation of dwellings. During the investigation, none of the staff witnessed or experienced any unexplained phenomenon. The “oil” in the bedroom was actually found to be sap that had been leaking from new wood work. Lab results verified that it was of natural origins. The smell reported in the bedroom, nor scratches, nor physical assaults were documented. No EVP or temperature variations where recorded.
    2. At 3 am, the family and investigation team gathered in the living room with candles to wait out the night. The candles blew out, but it was discovered that there was a strong draft coming from the front door, due to a cracked frame.
    3. NOTES:

Case No. 117

When: October 17th, 2002

Where: C* Family Farm, Mustang Oklahoma

Reports: Strange noises in the old barn, unusual lights, strange events in the main house

Findings: substantiated


Early in September, 1999, TGT was contacted about a possible entity taken residence in an old barn on the family farm. The family patriarch, who had been born and lived his entire life on the farm, had recently passed away. Since his passing various events were reported. We were asked to investigate these instances.

Reports of:

  1. Doors and drawers in the workshop being open, tools being moved around, things such as nails and hammers being “tidied up” after use when left out.
  2. The sound of a man singing old hymns early in the morning, out in the fields.
  3. Certain animals on the farm acting as tough there were someone interacting with them when there was no one visible; such as the man’s favorite hunting dog sitting in front of an empty chair and whining to be petted.
  4. Lights in the barn and workshop, even after the electricity has been cut.
  5. Radio and electronic interference. (When R. was alive, rock and roll or rap were not allowed on the property.) Radios that tune will refuse to play certain stations or will find themselves back on gospel or country when someone returns from the other room. One report of an iPod refusing to work on the scene when it played rap was actually recorded during the investigation.

During the standard 24 hour investigation, data was gathered in the following manner:

  1. Electronic means:
    1. EVP recordings
    2. Battery traps
    3. Voltmeters and thermometers
  2. Visual and Audio Means:
    1. Observation by members of the TGT and trained volunteers
    2. Observations made by family members.
      1. All of which were recorded on camera or audio recordings.
  3. Personal Experience:
    1. Psychic Observation
    2. Spiritual Observances


During the investigation, we set up cameras and audio equipment in the field, the barn and workshop and in the main house were events were purported to happen.

We were able to capture an EVP of a man saying “Y’all bunch of idiots”, something that deceased was alleged to say often when asked a ridiculous question. We were also able to confirm that the radios did not work correctly inside the house, even when they were new radios purchased and brought into the house specifically for the investigation to assure a lack of tampering.

We did not witness lights or activity in the barn or the workshop, although two members of the team did hear a man singing in the field near dawn and the trap light continued to go off without a seeming trigger from roughly 3 am to 5 am in the field.